Take Individual Action

While there are actions everyone can take to reduce their carbon footprint, it’s not easy to see the results in terms of slowing global temperature rise. But some of the same things you do pay off immediately and visibly in cleaner beaches and near-shore waters. You can refuse, reuse, recycle all plastic. Pick up plastic bags and other litter to keep it from ending up in the ocean. Support laws banning plastic bags or taxing them. Make lists like the following and post them in your office, home, public bulletin boards.

Ten things you can do, as posted on the Algalita blog by Karen Ristuben:
1. Stay informed about our plastic world and environmental toxins.
2. Reduce your use of one-time, single-use plastics.
3. Conduct your own personal trash audit.
4. Creatively reuse and repurpose your plastic products.
5. Refuse to use plastic shopping bags and don’t buy bottled water.
6. Support legislation that increases producer responsibility.
7. Support and try to improve local recycling efforts.
8. Pick a place and pick up the trash there every day.
9. Educate children about responsible use of plastic so they can teach their parents.


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