Captain Moore warns of peril from plastic in new book

Visit the website of the Algalita Marine Research Foundation to order a signed copy of Plastic Ocean, the new book by Captain Charles Moore, who discovered the North Pacific Garbage Patch. If you’re on Oahu,  Moore will be kicking off a semester of sustainability on the UH Manoa campus center on January 17 at noon. He’ll be talking about his research into the growing amount of plastic marine pollution in the Garbage Patch and the world’s oceans. For Moore’s excellent description of the looming plastic peril he says is a bigger threat to the Earth’s future than climate change, go to Captain Moore on marine plastic pollution, a 7-minute interview that appeared on WGBH Boston in November 2011.

The Algalita Marine Research Foundation is one of two nonprofit groups inviting members of the public to join them on a research trip into the Japanese tsunami debris field in May and June 2012. For details, see “Tracking the Debris from Japan’s Tsunami” on the NYT Green blog. Scientists on the expedition will analyze how fast the debris is breaking down and measure its toxicity and how much is being ingested by marine life. They also hope to be able to predict how much of the debris will reach the west coast of North America, whether Hawai’i will bear the brunt, or whether most will end up in the Garbage Patch. For more on the eventual destination see the December post Japanese Tsunami Debris Headed Our Way.


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