Monthly Archives: July 2012

Mapping the tsunami debris

Have you seen the new model from NOAA of how debris from the 2011 Japan tsunami is traveling east across the North Pacific? It’s from a year afterward, March 2012. Watch it on YouTube to learn more about the model and what will happen to the debris that doesn’t wash up on land.


Good-news video: fishing nets to electricity

This brief video from the Surfrider Foundation Kaua‘i shows a team of volunteers organized by Malama Na Apapa on Kaua‘i taking a 3-years’ accumulation of derelict fishing nets and delivering them to H-Power’s waste-to-energy facility on Oahu. They filled a 20-foot container with nets and ropes collected from the reefs (underwater work) and the beaches, keeping them away from marine animals and the landfill both. A lot of work is on display–those nets are heavy!