PBS airs “Climate of Doubt”

ImageWatch Frontline on PBS October 23 (or online) if you’ve ever wondered why everyone isn’t taking part in mass protests to demand action on climate change. We know what we need to do: shift to renewable energy sources, put a price on carbon, leave the fossil fuel reserves in the ground. Scientists are unanimous, but they are being discredited by deniers and skeptics, and their anti-science propaganda has cooled public opinion on the issue, says Frontline. The public may be about to wake up, spurred on by 2012’s many climate catastrophes–drought, heat waves, floods, fires. This program may awaken anger and direct it at the source of the disinformation campaign–the fossil fuel corporations that have funded the propaganda and the politicians and conservative ideologues who have stonewalled legislative action to solve the problem.

Watch it and get fired up to join the mass movement led by Bill McKibben and They have decided to expose the ideological and economic motives of the deniers and affect their bottom line. The “Do the Math” campaign calls on colleges and universities to divest from Big Oil corporations, for that kind of pressure from shareholders may be the only way to convince the industry to quit exploiting these resources before it’s too late to save the planet. See a preview of the Do the Math tour on Grist. And watch McKibben arguing with a couple of diehard deniers on Bill Maher’s show. As he says, “At this point only ideologues really doubt climate science; the trick now is to turn people’s understanding into action.”

Climate Science Watch says that Frontline’s 2007 documentary “Hot Politics” “remains the best hour U.S. television has done at putting the global warming disinformation campaign in context” and they are looking forward to this one. “Hot Politics” is online with multiple links and teaching resources. Thanks to Climate Science Watch for the link.


One response to “PBS airs “Climate of Doubt”

  1. Sorry, but your facts are simply wrong. There is plenty of empirical evidence, and I’m not wasting time arguing with doubters or deniers. See the 11/26 post “The last word on climate denial–in one pie chart” for irrefutable evidence.

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