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Highlights of the Largest Climate Rally in History

The folks at have put together the story of the February 17 demonstration in photos, video clips, and tweets. It’s very inspiring. You can breeze through it, or take your time, watching the clips and listening to short selections from impassioned speakers like the Hip Hop Caucus’s Rev Yearwood, Chief Jackie Thomas (speaking for Canada’s indigenous groups that oppose the Keystone Pipeline), Van Jones from Rebuild the Dream, and the Sierra Club’s Michael Brune. Is this made using a program called Story–does anyone know? It’s very user-friendly, whatever was used.


Arrests in Washington Signal Increasing Urgency on Keystone Pipeline by Chris Francis — YES! Magazine

In case you missed the news–I did–here’s a story about the 45 environmental and other leaders who were arrested last week, from Yes!

Arrests in Washington Signal Increasing Urgency on Keystone Pipeline by Chris Francis — YES! Magazine.

The Climate Movement Gets a Boost from 50,000 Protestors in D.C.


That’s‘s estimate of how many people attended the Forward on Climate rally in DC on Feb. 17 . The Sierra Club, another core organizer, says there were at least 40,000. Either way, that’s a large number to brave the cold weather to demonstrate, and it’s a sign of how committed people are to stopping the Keystone Pipeline. A million more showed their support for the action online, and polls show that a majority of Americans are eager for real leadership on climate change. President Obama was the focus, because he will make the crucial decision on Keystone very soon, and many in Washington lofted signs reminding him that his legacy will be defined by his actions on the climate, beginning with this all-important decision. (See previous posts on why tar sands oil must be left in the ground and the pipeline must be stopped here and here.)

Al Gore on the Daily Show: “I wish I was wrong about climate change”

I am reposting Jon Stewart’s extended interview with Al Gore that David Ferguson of Raw Story very helpfully uploaded.

Gore: I wish I was wrong about climate change (via Raw Story )

On Wednesday night’s edition of “The Daily Show,” host Jon Stewart welcomed former Vice President Al Gore in a wide-ranging discussion that covered topics ranging from Gore’s sale of his Current TV network to Al Jazeera to global climate change to the influence of big money in politics. Raw…

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