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What you can do to be a climate hawk*


Read a novel that brings the reality of climate change home in beautiful prose with believable characters–Barbara Kingsolver’s Flight Behavior–and recommend it to friends.


Sign the open letter to President Obama urging him to to fight climate change by executive action, first rejecting the Keystone pipeline and doing what he can by executive action to neutralize the power of the fossil-fuel companies. As the letter says, he is the key leader right now, and his legacy depends on what he does in his second term. It was drafted by Credo and 350.org.

*A climate hawk knows that climate change is real and supports action to combat it. See the Urban Dictionary definition here.


President Obama Should Earn the Peace Prize by Leading on Climate Change

Let’s not allow the momentum from cleaning up after  Superstorm Sandy to dissipate. Let’s use it as a catalyst to turn 350.org into a truly mass movement. One campaign could be to put pressure on President Obama to earn his Nobel Peace Prize by taking the lead on climate action. Solving the Israel-Palestine dispute isn’t enough—this is the planet he’d be saving. How can we convince the president to act now? What should be his first priority? Here’s what I think: For starters, he should:

Refuse to approve the Keystone XL Pipeline. Then, insist that  Congress end subsidies to fossil fuel corporations and put a price on carbon.

What do you think will prompt Obama to take action? More in upcoming posts about the movement that is building.