Do One Green Thing

The subtitle says it all: “Saving the Earth through Simple, Everyday Choices.” By Hawai‘i’s own Mindy Pennybacker, Do One Green Thing is a blessing. That’s because Mindy knows we’re “more interested in practical tips than doom-and-gloom.”  As Meryl Streep writes in the Foreword, it is “crisp, short, visual–and there are no heavy lectures. Mindy knows we ‘get’ green and she cuts to the chase, offering best-case answers, naming names, and providing brands.” Mindy provides the info in four categories: food and drink, a green home, personal care and apparel, and transportation. In short, her tips make going green or becoming even greener easy and foolproof.

As a tease, here’s a random tip: “Wash most of your laundry in cold water.” Why? It’s not about the clothes, which will last longer away from hot water, but about preventing 50 million tons of carbon emissions a year–that’s if every single household in the US washed 4 out of every 5 loads in cold water instead of hot. That number doesn’t mean much to you? Mindy says it’s the same as taking 10 million cars off the road (pp. 81-2). That means a lot to me.

Visit the Greener Penny website to learn more about Mindy and the book.


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